BG Fishing Game

Fishing Game is one of the most popular games in both online and land-based casinos in Asia including China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand,  etc.

This game is always crowded with players of all age and experience. It is an integrated leisure game for computers and mobile devices.

BG Fishing game is the first new casual fishing mode, the role of the model to develop, brilliant fish hunter effect gorgeous skill, etc.

 It’s simple to get started but also with a rich plot pass, a more diverse gameplay. It also has increased the game’s playability, fun, and skill. 

Under the “double entry” model, BG Fishing game is not only satisfies the player’s unique inheritance for fishing casual games, but also develops new and developed in good faith with casual player’s points of interest. 

It also will bring a whole new experience to players.

BG recently announced a new fishing game called “Big Fishing Master”. It also allows six players to play online together. Players will experience more rich games under the familiar playing style content, 

whether it is melodious music, gorgeous sea views, gorgeous special effects, a new map and Boss, easy to understand the game process, generous game rewards.

BG Fishing games provides three types of gun to shoot the fish: Enable 1 gun for betting of 1-9 coins; enable 2 guns for betting 10-100 coins; enable 3 guns for betting 100-1000 coins.

 However, the game has different levels of fire power. The good news is each fish has different payouts. The harder it is to catch a target, the better the payout you can earn.

In addition, shoot all the fish in the area with the bomb set. Catch fish in water bubbles to enable multiplication. Experience the bumper fish to win big. Do not hesitate to join the exciting hunting game today!

Faced with changes in the game habits of players and the increasing use of mobile devices, the BG Fishing game uses the most advanced HTML 5 game engine technology currently available.