Many Racebooks now offer Horse Betting services, but the extent of these services can vary greatly. Some Racebooks also provide the best odds or starting prices, which can give you an advantage by ensuring you have the best odds at the start of the race. We should not disregard this advantage.

Thanks to online betting, placing a Horse Racing bet has always been challenging, faster, and more convenient, with the best odds available.

RCB988 is the best betting venue in Malaysia and Singapore, offering thoroughbred and harness racing worldwide.

At RCB988, you can bet on Races around the clock. European Racing events are more common during the day, while the USA dominates the evening and night until the morning hours, and Australia and Hong Kong dominate in the morning. You can check the full schedule of upcoming Live betting events at any time, and the racebook is designed with excellent functionality, making it reliable for quick Live betting.

RCB988 is an excellent source for Horse Racing enthusiasts to stay updated on upcoming events. You can easily access the latest information on race dates, times, and odds and view the horses entered in each race.

In principle, RCB988 allows betting on everything available on the respective racetrack. Therefore, the range of the different types of betting markets varies considerably depending on the country, racetrack, and, in some cases, the importance of the Racing event.

Let's explore the 3 most popular types of Horse betting at RCB988:

Win: A Win bet in Horse Racing means picking the horse you believe will win the race. It is the simplest form of Horse Racing betting.

Place: This is a wager where your horse comes first or second. Your chances of payout increase compared to a Win bet, but the price will be lower.

Show: A wager that the third horse will cross the finish line shows. You collect only if your selection finishes first, second, or third.

The website is user-friendly and accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Once you log in on your computer, RCB988 will present you with popular upcoming markets and Live events that you can bet on.

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